Computer Repair
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Frustrated Yet?

Here at OMG?!? Computer Repair I believe in flat rates and sticking to them.  How many times have you heard horror stories about the Geek Squad at Best Buy or the local Apple Store completely cleaning out your friends and family with all kinds of ridiculous charges? Maybe you have experienced this yourself?  I have heard too many stories, myself, and I find it depressing. People are afraid to fix their computers due to the extremely high service charges on really simple jobs. It is unethical to wipe people out for getting their computer fixed. With OMG?!? Computer Repair you will not get any up-selling or surprise changes of cost from the original quote.  Nothing will be modified without a consultation. I guarantee all my work. If I cannot fix it, you won’t pay a dime!  Everyone should own a fully working computer.  Please check my rates and I will match your needs in a quick and timely fashion.

Frustrated Yet?

“As a young computer repair technician I believe in a working computer that doesn’t bust your budget. Many companies overcharge for technical support and simple repairs. For digital help you can trust, contact OMG?!? Computer Repair. I am  here to help!”

- Michael Romay